Press Releases

Sandra Barr, SR. Vice President and Loan Officer

Sandra Barr recently accepted the position of SR. Vice President and Loan Officer at the Bank of Cave City. “We are so fortunate that Sandra agreed to take on this new role. She’s perfect for it. She’s smart, experienced, and committed to our company and our customers. Plus, Sandra loves Cave City and the folks in this part of the world. She’s going to be an excellent lending officer,” stated John Beller, President and CEO.

Recently, Bank of Cave City has seen significant changes in the internet banking threat landscape. Fraudsters have continued to develop and deploy more sophisticated, effective, and malicious methods to compromise authentication mechanisms and gain unauthorized access to customers’ online accounts.

Cindy Chastain, Customer Service Representative


Cindy Chastain began working for the Bank of Cave City in 2003 as a proof operator. She also worked as a Customer Service Representative and was later promoted to Assistant Vice President/Financial Officer. This most recent promotion gives her the title of Vice President of Operations.

John Beller

CAVE CITY — John Beller has been named president of the Bank of Cave City, according to a news release.

Sam Beller, who has served as president and CEO since 1997, will remain as chairman and CEO. The father-and-son team will share leadership responsibilities until Sam Beller retires from a full-time position with the bank in October 2014.